Mortars for Plaster and Masonry

The mortar is a conglomerate consisting of a mixture of binder (e.g. cement and/or lime), water, fine aggregates (for example sand) and any additives, all in proportions to ensure workability wet dough and mechanical resistance to dry state, after taking and hardening.
It is used in construction for different uses such as plasters, such as sticking mortar and in the construction of sub-floors for flooring.

Our flagship product is Muroplast, a quality stabilized mortar ready for use, which replaces the traditional yard mortar in all its applications while maintaining its techniques of use.
Thanks to the careful selection of aggregates and the perfect dosage of components (cement, lime hydrate, sands, additives and water), not only is guaranteed in the resistance, but also ensures the easiest and fastest use.
Packaged at highly specialized dosing plants, it is distributed directly to construction sites with properly equipped trucks.

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni: malta Muroplast
Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni: malta Muroplast

Unloaded in special containers, properly made to be easily transported and moved by cranes near work points, Muroplast is ready to be used and remains workable for more than 48 hours, keeping the characteristics. Thanks to its stabilization, obtained through stabilizing additives that prevent the sedimentation of components and the exudation (bleeding) of the same in containers, it does not need reshuffles or additions of water, sand or binders.
Appropriate amounts of micropores within the mixture allow excellent workability in each season and a better frost-thaw cycle resistance than traditional mortar.
The exceptional characteristics of Muroplast and its unique distribution system are a factor in rationalizing the work and optimizing the organization of the site, resulting in a reduction in production costs.
The use of Muroplast eliminates the time and cost due to the necessary installation and immobilizing of equipment and equipment for the preparation of mortar on site with a consequent increase in productivity with percentages up to 30% and a significant reduction in the cost of performing the works.

Sustainability, quality, innovation and customer focus.

Products and services

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia is able to offer a wide coverage of service and supply of materials operating in a timely and effective manner in the provinces of Terni, Perugia and Viterbo.


Concretes, special concretes, lightened concretes with clay, with lapillus and fiber-reinforced concretes.


Used in the building sector mixing them with cement and lime to produce different types and qualities of concrete.


Aggregates in very practical bags used in built-up areas, in renovations of buildings and interiors.

Mortars for Plaster and Masonry

Muroplast mortars, mortars for bedding and styling, consolidating grouts, dehumidifying plasters and thermal plasters.

Waste Recycling

Recovery and recycling of building materials from demolitions, such as drywall, rubble and construction waste.

Granules for Asphalt

Our partnership with S.C.B. allows us the sale of bituminous conglomerates and granulates for asphalt.

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