REM – Waste Recycling

Operating since 1994 in Narni and throughout the province of Terni, REM is a company specialized in the treatment of aggregate building waste from demolition and renovation of civil buildings and industrial production plants. Since its foundation it has distinguished itself for its particular attention and sensitivity towards environmental issues.
Our company, which specializes in the disposal and recycling of construction waste, has been able to present itself on the market in an innovative way by equipping itself with the best equipment and advanced machinery.

Inside our factory we are equipped to crush the aggregates that subsequently have two destinations: they are sold as loose, or they are reused for the production of cement and bituminous conglomerates, stabilized and mixed cemented.
REM guarantees fast processing and delivery in full compliance with the agreements agreed with the customer. The passion for our work drives us daily to perfect the quality of the services offered.

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni: impianto di betonaggio
Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni: impianto di betonaggio

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa is active in the sector of recovery of demolition waste and other types of waste in 4 different plants and for a total processing capacity of over 200,000 tons (adding up the potential of the 3 plants):

  • SAN LIBERATO – NARNI (TR) – authorization in ORDINARY procedure issued by the Province of TERNI (prot. 33268 of 04/06/15);
  • ORTE (VT) LOC. LUCIGNANO – authorization in SIMPLIFIED procedure issued by the SUAP of Orte (AUA n ° 2/14 dated 24/01/14);
  • REM SRL- MARATTA – NARNI (TR) – authorization in SIMPLIFIED procedure issued by the SUAP of Narni (AUA n ° 4/18 of 26/02/18);
  • SANTA ANATOLIA DI NARCO (PG) – authorization in SIMPLIFIED procedure issued by the SUAP of Santa Anatolia di Narco (AUA n ° 3/17 of 07/27/17).

For more details regarding CER codes and CAMs, the following file can be consulted:

Sustainability, quality, innovation and customer focus.

Products and services

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia is able to offer a wide coverage of service and supply of materials operating in a timely and effective manner in the provinces of Terni, Perugia and Viterbo.


Concretes, special concretes, lightened concretes with clay, with lapillus and fiber-reinforced concretes.


Used in the building sector mixing them with cement and lime to produce different types and qualities of concrete.


Aggregates in very practical bags used in built-up areas, in renovations of buildings and interiors.

Mortars for Plaster and Masonry

Muroplast mortars, mortars for bedding and styling, consolidating grouts, dehumidifying plasters and thermal plasters.

Waste Recycling

Recovery and recycling of building materials from demolitions, such as drywall, rubble and construction waste.

Granules for Asphalt

Our partnership with S.C.B. allows us the sale of bituminous conglomerates and granulates for asphalt.

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