Saccopiù is a wide range of aggregates in bags ready for use which is a valid and convenient solution in many circumstances of use.
Designed with particular attention to respect environment and people, the convenience of transport and use and the reduction of waste, with consequent savings and convenience.
Saccopiù is the ideal alternative to the use of loose aggregates in built-up areas, in renovations of buildings and interiors, in DIY and in many other cases.

The recently introduced European regulations on environmental respect, quality and safety are increasingly rigid and restrictive and impose severe limitations on the use of bulk aggregates.
Saccopiù complies with current and future regulations and quality standards, thanks to a careful and careful choice of materials and a manufacturing process continuously subject to rigorous and scrupulous checks.

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni produce saccopiù: vasta gamma di inerti in busta
Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni produce saccopiù: vasta gamma di inerti in busta

The following is the range of products available in bags:

  • White sand for plaster and masonry (grain size 0 – 4 mm).
  • Sand for screed (grain size 0 – 6 mm).
  • Black river sand (grain size 0 – 6 mm).
  • Natural breccia (grain size 15 – 30 mm).
  • Shattered breccia (grain size 15 – 28 mm).
  • Gravel (grain size 5 – 15 mm).
  • Selected gravel (10 – 20 mm grain size).
  • Mixed sand and gravel (grain size 0 – 15 mm).
  • Anti-freeze grit (grain size 3 – 6 mm).
  • Pozzolan.

Sustainability, quality, innovation and customer focus.

Products and services

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia is able to offer a wide coverage of service and supply of materials operating in a timely and effective manner in the provinces of Terni, Perugia and Viterbo.


Concretes, special concretes, lightened concretes with clay, with lapillus and fiber-reinforced concretes.


Used in the building sector mixing them with cement and lime to produce different types and qualities of concrete.


Aggregates in very practical bags used in built-up areas, in renovations of buildings and interiors.

Mortars for Plaster and Masonry

Muroplast mortars, mortars for bedding and styling, consolidating grouts, dehumidifying plasters and thermal plasters.

Waste Recycling

Recovery and recycling of building materials from demolitions, such as drywall, rubble and construction waste.

Granules for Asphalt

Our partnership with S.C.B. allows us the sale of bituminous conglomerates and granulates for asphalt.

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