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Calcestruzzi Cipiccia is a leading company in the cement and concrete sector in Umbria.

The company originated immediately after the Second World War by the brothers Giovanni and Ezio Cipiccia; their children and grandchildren have contributed to the continuity and expansion of what, from sporadic activity, has turned into an ever-growing industry.
Several vicissitudes and changes in the company led to the establishment in 1975 of F.lli Cipiccia of Cipiccia Giovanni and Ezio s.n.c., then, in 1980, of F.lli Cipiccia s.r.l., and finally, between 2000 and 2002, of the current Calcestruzzi Cipiccia S.p.A.

Today the company represents one of the most interesting realities in the local sector.
Calcestruzzi Cipiccia has more than 90 employees and a vast fleet of vehicles including truck mixers, betopumps, concrete pumps, trucks, cars and earth moving machines.

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni: impianto di betonaggio
Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni: impianto di betonaggio

Products and services

The main products are: concretes , special concretes like Cemenpav (concrete for paving), Isoterm (lightweight concrete with polystyrene), SCC (Self Compacting Concrete), special exposed concretes for architectural flooring, lightened structural and non-structural concretes with expanded clay, lightened structural concretes with lapillus, fiber-reinforced concretes with synthetic and steel fibers, washed and selected aggregates , asphalt granulates, ready-to-use mortars for plaster and masonry (Muroplast). Calcestruzzi Cipiccia S.p.A. also produces and distributes a wide range of aggregates in bags, called Saccopiù, and other construction products, with an interregional market that involves Lazio, Campania, Tuscany and the Marche.

The maximum daily production capacity is over 2 thousand cubic meters of concretes, mortars and aggregates.
Thanks to the production facilities appropriately located and the numerous means available, Calcestruzzi Cipiccia S.p.A. is able to offer a wide and timely coverage of service and supply, operating above all in the provinces of Terni, Viterbo and Perugia. The main customers are mainly on the local market, but there are also companies from other regions that have been awarded public contracts.

The company employs significant resources in quality, information and training of its employees, in the design and construction of new plants, in laboratory research, in continuous technological updating.

Quality, environment and safety

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia S.p.A. has implemented and works according to its own Quality, Environment and Safety Management System.
This Management System also includes Factory Production Control of aggregates and concretes (FPC), while the aggregate aggregates production process (CE marking) has been certified in compliance with the following European harmonized standards (system 2+):

  • UNI EN 12620: aggregates for concretes;
  • UNI EN 13043: aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airports and other areas subject to traffic;
  • UNI EN 13242: aggregates for non-bound materials and bound with hydraulic binders for use in civil engineering works and in road construction;
  • UNI EN 13139: aggregates for mortar.

These certifications require constant checks on production from the quarry to the plant, the use of an internal test laboratory and weekly checks, monitoring the granulometric, chemical and physical characteristics of all the aggregates produced.
With regard to the production of concrete, the company has obtained the certification of ready-mix concrete production plants, in accordance with the Guidelines of the Ministry of Public Works (Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008 Technical Standards for Construction).

Noteworthy resources are also destined to support activities at local level and not only, of cultural and sporting type, often in collaboration with municipalities, provinces and region; research and development projects are also underway in collaboration with the University of Perugia and other bodies.

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia Spa a Terni: impianti di betonaggio

Sustainability, quality, innovation and customer focus.

Products and services

Calcestruzzi Cipiccia is able to offer a wide coverage of service and supply of materials operating in a timely and effective manner in the provinces of Terni, Perugia and Viterbo.


Concretes, special concretes, lightened concretes with clay, with lapillus and fiber-reinforced concretes.


Used in the building sector mixing them with cement and lime to produce different types and qualities of concrete.


Aggregates in very practical bags used in built-up areas, in renovations of buildings and interiors.

Mortars for Plaster and Masonry

Muroplast mortars, mortars for bedding and styling, consolidating grouts, dehumidifying plasters and thermal plasters.

Waste Recycling

Recovery and recycling of building materials from demolitions, such as drywall, rubble and construction waste.

Granules for Asphalt

Our partnership with S.C.B. allows us the sale of bituminous conglomerates and granulates for asphalt.

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